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Texte to come

Texte to come

Introduction to the pendulum 

The pendulum is an amazing object which passes through the centuries.

Often the people who have one, and despite having read different books on its use, are not able to fully use it.

During this session of initiation I share the knowledge that was transmitted to me by my grandfather with you.

There are indeed some basic rules you need to know.

To best use this tool is actually quite simple.

During this workshop, I suggest that you let yourself be guided by your intuition and that you trust your own feelings.

You can bring your own pendulum, but if you do not have one bring a jewel in your possession (ring, pendant) and a chain in silver or gold.

Where ? 111 rue de la commune, 44400 Rezé;

When ? Friday, January 13, 2017 from 2 pm to 5 pm

Price : 60 €

Please book by email : or by phone : 06 03 10 33 75.

Training course level 1 : animal communication and Healing energy 

You have pets: cat, dog, horses, chicken,… and you love them. This training course will bring you the opportunity to communicate with them. You will understand them better.

« We are all connected to the universe »

Schedule : 

  1. Our brain
  2. The sens
  3. Ethic
  4. Communicate with animals

Since I am a child, I able to communicate with my cats, horses, dog. Today, I would love to share my Knowledge with you. Animals have a conscience and we need to have more and more respect.

You will find out it s simple to communicate with your pets.

When ? Samedi 25 et dimanche 26 mars 9h-17h

Day 1 : 111 rue de la commune, 44400 Rezé

Day 2 : Centre équestre Freigné, Le Fossé 494440 Freigné 


Price : 180€

Inscription : 50€

 Or send me a chèque at Eloïse Chaussin, le Préfouré, 44540 Vritz.