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What is meditation for ?

Release your muscle tension

Improves digestionStrengthens your immune system
Strengthens your energy, strength and vigor
Reduces your bad cholesterol and cardio-vascular risk
Improves the air in your lungs and thus your breathing capacity
Raises your DHEA (hormone of youth)
Harmonizes your endocrine system
Produces lasting changes in the electrical activity of your brain
Strengthens self-confidence
Help control your own thoughts
Helps to stay focused and focused
Improves your emotional stability
Improves the quality of your relationships with others
Develops your intuition
Increases productivity
Develops the power of your will
Improves your intellectual performance
Increases your listening and empathy skills
Increases your tolerance
Help build a balanced personality

Grow Your Wisdom

Deepens your understanding of others and of yourself
Allows you to accept yourself as you are
Help to live the moment
Increases synchronicity in your life

conseil du mois

Practice meditation for 20min a day in a row, over 28 days and you'll see! 


Come once a month in a magical place "intuitive meditation" guided by Eloïse Chaussin, every last Sunday of every month.

Or ? The course of the Aulnays, 49440 Challain la Potherie

Free participation

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Next date February 26th from 15h to 16h subject "to develop its senses". Booking on 06 03 10 33 75 or  facebook Eloïse Chaussin