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Hypnosis can be defined as follow :

“The stat of hypnosis in an individual refers to a modified stat of consciousness, distinct from sleep. Hypnosis, according to the schools, would be a modified mental state, or an imaginative state.
However, contrary to a widespread notion that hypnosis is a form of sleep-like unconsciousness, recent research suggests that hypnotized subjects are fully awake and can focus their attention."

The hypnosis I practice allows the person to enter into total relaxation. This stat of intense relaxation makes communication with the unconscious possible, and positives and lasting results have been measured.


We are constant emitters of energy. Our magnetism follows this physical law : it is polarized + and -.

On the other hand, it spreads around our body and little beyond, forming a field all the more intense as our health is better and our will is more powerful.

In other words, if our general condition is excellent, our energy is strong; On the contrary, in case of psychological or physical weakness, our emission of magnetic field is almost inexistent.
The sensation is often immediate with magnetism: one generally feels a physical presence or electrical prickling, like a tingling at the top of the head, a feeling of heat around the treated area.

Cumulative results with my method: 

Magnetic Hypnosis
Magnetism allows me to feel and unblock problems related to the mind and the body and I conjugate it with hypnosis to increase the responsiveness.

The energy that I transmit through magnetism to a person under hypnosis brings him or her a moment of total and regenerating well-being. 

Teenagers and children 

My skills can also help teenagers and children.
I can support your child if you want to provide him/ her with tools to move forward more easily in his schooling, family and social life.

Hypnosis and magnetism combined can help him solve a problem, get through an emotional shock, manage stress (exams), and improve his confidence in him.
I help your child find balance, settle his sleep disorders, and free himself from his fears.
I have a very good contact with children and I quickly create a climate where he will feel confident and well surrounded.

My experience shows that children are very receptive to magnetic hypnosis. From the first session, you can see the positive change that is taking place and appreciate the harmonious behavior that takes place in his life, day after day.
Price for age under 18,50 €

Magnetic hypnosis is an accompaniment to wellness and does not substitute to any medical treatment. You must follow your doctor’s instructions.

In accordance with the legislation, I I do not make a diagnosis, my mission is to accompany you.