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Since 15 years, I am using my healing energy by distance.

Wherever I am, I have the possibility to go into a meditative state and send good vibes to help a person, an animal or a place. 

Procedure :

Send me an E-mail with your request, write Urgent if needed. 

We do have contact per phone, Skype SKYPE Eloeyes , facebook messenger Facebook Messenger.

I will work for a month on your request and then we exchange on the phone, Skype, Facebook Messenger. 

First Healing by distance for one month : 80€

Hypnosis consultation on Skype or Facebook Messenger : 80€

Following, we met once and I do continue the healing by distance : 120€

Activate the sell of a house, land, business : 50€

Training course communication animal : 360€ 

Pendulum workshop : 60€