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Animal communication 


Animal communication 

Magnetism can be used in care for animals : cats, dogs, horses ...

The care harmonizes the animals mind and body, it releases the tensions and improves its well-being.

The animals send me images, thoughts, that allow me to better understand them and to bring a solution so that they feel better.

I relieve ailments (diarrhea, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, dermatitis, anxiety, etc.)

Magnetism allows to send energy and relieve pain and aches.

Communication with animals allows to release the words.




Offer a moment of relief and well-being to your pet 

Since 2015 I have been working in collaboration with an equestrian center in Freigné to help the horses feel good.

Horses have a conscience.
They are animals that have accompanied humans for centuries.
They have a lot of empathy and like us, feel emotions, capture our thoughts, and are very connected to

The place where they are and to their "owner".
The magnetic care acts on the horse and his rider.
For the care, I can drive to where the horse is, the session has a cost of 70 €. (Plus kilometric expenses )

Remote session, by photo. Contact me by email. Possibility to exchange via Skype and Facebook Messenger.

This care is in addition only to the work of the veterinarian who gives a diagnosis and it is important to follow his advice