Hypnotherapy and healing energy in Rezé and Vritz : Eloïse Chaussin 


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Realize a consultation of magnetic-hypnosis in Loire Atlantique near Nantes


Magnetic-hypnosis can help you for :

  • Pain, suffering (chronical, joint pains, abdominal, knees, back, etc)
  • Phobia
  • Sleep disorder
  • Anxiety attack, fears
  • Dependence (quit smoking, eating disorders)
  • Skin ailment (Eczemaa, psoriasis)
  • Find balance
  • Emotional shock
  • Stress
  • Sadness, anger
  • Self confidence
  • In search of well being

Between family heritage and learning 


My great grandfather from Brittany gave me the « healing energy » as a legacy. To comprehend all the power and the meaning that this energy could bring, I found the help of a well known healer in Nantes. He taught me how to use my « healing energy ».

By my regular practice, I have been improved my healing-method forward and forged my understanding of this calling to help suffering people.

My hands and energy being my only tools, I don’t need any particular environment to successfully practice my skills and get convincing results.
Perpetually seeking to develop my potential and skills, I found part of the answers at The Central School of Hypnosis (ECH) in Paris, where I was trained as a hypnosis practitioner.
To complement my experience, life has given me the opportunity to travel abroad many times.

I thus have met different cultures, beliefs and ways of life that have enriched my vision and encouraged me to continue my research on the meaning of wellness.
In 2015, I was trained in traditional Chinese Feng Shui at "The school of flying stars ".
Since 2015, I have been working with an equestrian center as a therapist for horses.

And today, I have created my own method that I call magnetic hypnosis.
It represents a real personal investment aimed at bringing sustainable well-being for those in need.

Where ?

In 111 street of the Commune of 187144400 Rézé and « le Préfouré », 44540 Vritz.

At a distance, on photo or by telephone. You can book your session at any time.

Who ? 

  • Kids, teenagers, adults
  • Animals (dogs, cats, horses)
  • Place : activate the energy to sell your business and or your house

Offer of the month 

Event :

Meditation : Sunday the 19th March « Develop your senses »

From 5pm to 4pm in the yard of the Aulnays, 49440 Challain la Potherie.

Magnetic hypnosis is an accompaniment to wellness and does not be substitute to any medical  treatment : you must follow your doctor’s instructions.
In accordance with the legislation, I do not make a diagnosis, my mission is to accompany you.